Heart skills - Fight like a soldier

Not war to support its wealth - to build a military culture

"Believe in the nine way, believe in yourself, happy work, from my start, the heart has a dream, make concerted efforts, to succeed first crazy, hard work forward, nine road nine road to help me succeed." Every weekday at 7:30 a.m., located in Gaotang County, Shandong Province, people and street construction machinery industrial park in Shandong Nine Road Parking Equipment Co., Ltd. courtyard, Chen Jinshui will participate in the passion of the militarization of the morning meeting. "Team, obedience, dedication, adventure, " Chen Jinshui through the wise eyes, firmly expressed his thoughts: "In Su Wei's "Heart", I read the 'cautious, strict serious, no scruples' pre-war truth. "He likes to call every market change a "war".

In the 1970s, Shenyang Military District Logistics Department, six years of career, has let chen Jinshui just turned 23 years old to perseverance, tenacious fighting military character internalized into their own iron bones, and then achieved a period of only 500 yuan to break out of the world.

"I'm actually a 'three no people' with no money, no experience, no connection." Referring to the years of initial entrepreneurship, Chen Jinshui laughed. In Beijing in the 1990s, the construction industry is highly competitive, and the difficulty of starting a business is conceivable. Chen Jinshui with the force furnace quenched in the invincibly unyielding strong character, while gnawing hard hoe to study market demand, while smiling face to face to attract people, "sometimes in order to seek a message and drag shoes around most of Beijing, " his thick face through fortitude.

Chen Jinshui with diligence, pragmatism and integrity, earned the first bucket of gold. He did not stop moving forward, riding the east wind of the Beijing Olympic Games, he dares to pry policy levers, he is good at capturing market information, through quality assurance to open up the market, through scientific and technological innovation into the high-end, through humane care to strengthen management, after more than ten years of exploration and hard work, from the initial construction of only 7 employees, fixed assets of less than 200,000 yuan, a single product, sales network is not perfect small factories, leap into covering construction machinery manufacturing, parking industry investment management, urban static traffic management, Intelligent storage research and development and production and other fields of China's space strategic cooperation units, military and land group strategic cooperation units, CCTV quality finalists, China's AAA enterprise credit rating, national high-tech enterprises.

"The rapid development of enterprises, are inseparable from the promotion of core competitiveness, and the spirit of employees and work style, is the core competitiveness of enterprises." Chen Jin-shui hand holding "like a soldier to fight", lamented: "Ban, officers and soldiers consistent, promote democracy, training and management combined, each of their duties, to lead by example, it is precisely because of the infiltration of this militarized concept, the discipline and gentle implementation of organic combination, nine-way parking can greater stimulate the cohesion and creativity of employees, fighting for the industry first." ”

Will fight to support its strength - the formation of the war wolf team

In June 2018, Guangzhou, the project construction site, through mobile phone online video, a special parking equipment - intelligent vertical loop three-dimensional garage is under intense construction. Before the construction, "nine-way wolf world's strongest, beyond the dream of casting brilliant" a sound slogan echoing;

"General enterprises are called teams, employees, " Chen Jinshui while waving ink to write down the "breeding elite" four big words, while proudly said: "parking on the nine road, only war zones and wolves." Chen Jinshui mentioned his "war wolf team", and the same military-born Ren Zhengfei, have the same view: wolves have a keen sense of smell, indomitable, indomitable spirit, there is the behavior of group struggle. The development of enterprises, the same need for the spirit of the wolf.

Wu Anliang, who has the title of "all-in-one", is a microcosm of the many war wolves on the nine-way welding line. Good at research, not to achieve the goal of the "wolf nature", so that he showed the spirit of craftsmanship in the post, not only improve the quality of welding, but also improve the output, has become the departments of the "hot talent."

"On the ninth road, if the factory's first-line intelligent welding line is an internal war zone, then the installation and construction sites in various cities are the first-line war zone." As a first-line war zone, "wolf head", served in Jinan Military Region, Wang Jundong, the "war wolf spirit" seems to have a more unique understanding: whether a screw is installed in place, a chain is tight wire seam, a motor is normal operation, each "war wolf" will survive, mission, faith and feelings, deeply imprinted into the post, into the sweat. "If quality is the life of the enterprise, then the struggle is the bloodline of the 'war wolf', " Wang said proudly: "do a good job, not only the military style, but also the common choice of the nine passers-by." ”

On the ninth road, the spirit of the war wolf is everywhere. Founded more than 20 years, a total of 30 times from the local to attract all kinds of veterans, distributed in the company's administration, sales, front-line, logistics and other positions. In the personnel department, the totem of the war wolf subtly affects the endless job seekers, in the sales department, the courage of the war wolf attracts the olive branch extended at home and abroad, in the construction site, the cohesion of the war wolf touched every customer. With the spirit of the war wolf, nine parking in the industry to walk, all the way to the all-around, a few years of kung fu, has done the industry leader.

"Externally, we are fearless, invincible wolves, " Chen Jinshui said, walking to a loaded material truck, shaking hands with the driver. " "It is understood that each project, regardless of size, regardless of distance, on the eve of the end of the project, Chen Jinshui should be hands-on, with the heart to visit the project far away from the struggle of "comrades."

Both war to support its gas - the old and new kinetic energy conversion

At the start of 2018, a new concept is exciting for nine passers-by: the transition between old and new kinetic energy. "On the battlefield, a sense of urgency and motivation increases the morale of soldiers." Referring to Secretary Liu Jiayi's New Year's speech, Chen Jinshui used the war mode to interpret: "Transforming old and new kinetic energy, is to let our enterprises in the shopping malls this no smoke battlefield, always tight industrial innovation strings, drumming up the courage of self-innovation." ”

Nine-way parking vision unique, sharp. Parking difficult, parking chaos static traffic problem, this is a social hot spot, but in the ninth road, it has become a transformation and upgrading, the exclusive market leader of the "Shangfang sword."

Static traffic is the vertical landing point of IoT big data, which makes the three-dimensional parking lot become the hub of intelligent transportation, the charging station of electric vehicles, and the data collection station of security monitoring. The core is the Cloud Control Center. This is the smart city static traffic big data management platform, through license plate identification, parking guide, code-sweeping payment, cloud data computing and background monitoring five systems, with a new generation of mobile communications, electronic identification, cloud computing as the representative of the Internet of Things technology for smart city intelligent traffic management to provide a full set of solutions, improve the regional road network capacity and traffic management order, to minimize the use of land resources, to maximize space as the goal, to achieve a harmonious life of people, cars, roads, For the city static traffic into the smart city to provide a full range of services.

Nine-way parking borrows commercial real estate model to develop urban parking real estate, introduces financial capital to promote the upgrading of parking industry, uses Internet of Things thinking to establish parking industry ecological environment, successfully applied for more than 50 patents, has become a pioneer of the new and old kinetic energy conversion industry. In addition, innovation will never stop: set industrial logistics, dense cabinets in one of the "91 intelligent storage" project, set tourism and environmental protection research and development applications of special equipment "Nine Hongzhong" project and people-oriented, business-oriented, re-tree Confucian culture of the "nine-way business school" project, is being carried out in an orderly manner, with strategic investment, financial investment, cultivate new momentum, create new industries, achieve new development, and gradually realize the new model of nine-way holding.

It's better than it is to optimize the business model

In just three years, from a supplier of machinery manufacturing, transformation to become a leader in mechanical intelligence, Chen Jinshui is comfortable: "The first step of the transformation is steady and strong, cultivate the mind, continue to optimize the business model." ”

Set capital operation, high-end intelligence, fine management as one of the whole industry ecological system is leading the nine people to continue to advance a bright light. Chen Jinshui led the team of wolves, has long been clear, the development of enterprises, the pursuit of profit is no longer the only goal, but to environmental protection, safe production, humane care as the basis for industrial upgrading, capacity optimization as the grasping hand, to ecological concept as a guide, and strive to achieve the harmonious development of industry and the environment.

Nine road always adhere to professional focus, adhere to innovation leadership, always to promote the country from a manufacturing power to a manufacturing power transformation into a development engine, always to provide customers with super-value high-quality services and high-end fine products-oriented, vigorously promote the spirit of large-country artisans, product innovation and upgrading, and strive to make enterprises to assume responsibility, can make a positive contribution to social development of good enterprises.

Nine road to achieve the macro-accurate grasp of the market, micro-accurate prediction of industry dynamics. Chen Jinshui with six years of military hardening, twenty years of market pouring, he and his "war wolf team", has done "Taishan landslide in front of the same color, moose in the left and not instantaneous, and then can make a stake, can be treated as enemies." ”