Inherit the Lushang culture and create a national brand
Corporate culture is the source of strength for the development of a company, and it is the deep foundation and important support for the sustainable growth of the company. The people of Jiulu internalize the Lushang culture in their hearts and externalize them in their actions, not forgetting their original aspirations, keeping their mission in mind, and let the cultural "soft power" become the "hard support" for the high-quality development of the enterprise
Our Mission
做强企业 致富员工 服务社会 报效家乡
Be a leader in business and share value
Be a leader in business and share value
Be a kind man and do good things
Be a kind man and do good things
Focus on the professional, innovation excellence
Focus on the professional, innovation excellence
Sculpted like a craftsman to fight like a soldier
Xugong, make the world a better place. 4
"Craftsman culture" "War Wolf culture" is the soul of the nine-way parking brand! Nine artisans have not changed their hearts to pursue the ultimate innovative technology! Good team tiger wolf division dressed in thorns all over! In the future, the nine-way parking will, as always, carry forward the "artisan culture" war-scarr culture. Casting "National Brand"
  • Excellence Pay attention to detail
    Smart hand a pair, shape fine equipment, ingenious one, cast the quality of the Great Wall. Day after night, the dedication into habits, overcome difficulties, with skills to ensure perfection, automated multi-functional boring bed, intelligent fully automated feeding system, random mobile charging piles ... Innovation in conquering the "fortress" of the seat technology, in the completion of a time to attack the activities of growth.
  • Rigorous and meticulous
    He put the machine scale in his heart, pinched a milligram, He integrates process innovation into the bloodstream, fine in fine, controlled points. Perseverance in the pursuit of the ultimate, escort nine roads, shining four seas
  • Be patient, stay focused
    He was a clever craftsman, a model of a Taiwanese craftsman sublimated in his hands, He was a skilled nine-way craftsman, using screws and tools to polish the most beautiful life
  • Professional and dedicated
    Wolf team wolf head, from the general technician to grow into a technical expert, to build nine gold service team - wolf installation team, wolf attack, build a global monument engineering network. Explaining the nine-way culture with the spirit of the wolf, With exquisite skills to spread the nine-way brand
  • Be good
    Company "all-rounder", where there is a need, where there is his busy figure, hammering, troubleshooting, testing, demonstration, clever thinking of the cure. With sweat to achieve the reputation of maintenance master, sum up the preparation of "on-site fault analysis hundred cases" textbooks, for the enterprise safety production escort
Wolf Warrior Culture
It is the first iron army service team in the domestic parking industry built with the wolf culture and spirit of the wolf. There are now 4 teams. Their main combat task is to quickly complete the installation, construction and post-maintenance services of the project in accordance with the standardized technical standards