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Join hands to create thousands of sails and share wealth in tomorrow
"Jinan Operation Center" team building activities "Horses can travel thousands of miles, and they cannot go without a ride; people have the ambition to reach the sky, and they cannot travel without luck." A drop of water will never dry up until it is put into the ocean, and a person is most…
发布时间: 2021-07-19
Security Services Upgrade Vertical Loop Stereo Garage Intelligent Safety Anti-System Recall
On March 30, Nine Park issued a safety service upgrade announcement: From April 1, 2021, a total of 2460 parking intelligent safety anti-trump systems sold and installed between September 2019 and December 2020 will be recalled to eliminate safety hazards. Recently, the nine-way parking received…
发布时间: 2021-07-19
Service quality of technical support
There is a team active in Jiulu Parking . More than 80% of this installation engineering team composed of the post-90s generation as the main force are veterans in the army. The melting pot of the army has trained them Strong physique and steel-like will, although they have taken off their military…
发布时间: 2021-07-22
Hero Spectrum
water melody head Condensing the spirit of thousands of troops, casting eternal glory, Nine roads lead to China and foreign countries, wide-sleeved dance spring and autumn; Master Shenzhou parking in the palm of your hand, add beauty to the world. Support the clouds straight up, embrace gold and…
发布时间: 2021-07-23
    On September 23, 2021, the third Shenzhen International Smart Parking Expo was grandly opened at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. As the smart parking policy continues to accelerate and the three-dimensional parking is about to usher in an outbreak, the expo is held at the right…
发布时间: 2021-09-24
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